Does Cold Water Matter When Cleansing Your Curls?

Does Cold Water Matter When Cleansing Your Curls?       

To the curlfriend who gets caught up on every detail regarding caring for your natural hair. Let me free you…

It doesn’t matter!

Perfection is not the goal of natural hair care. You won’t get everything right all the time, and some of the things you’re focusing on don’t matter.

Now take a deep breath because that was A LOT!

If you’re still with me, go ahead and laugh at yourself and shake your head a little. As you know, we do when we realize we’ve taken things a little too far.  

Now, let’s clear our hearts and get to the business of cold water and wash days. Here’s the tea…

Water is a necessity for the continued health and hydration of your hair. When paired with the right products and used consistently and appropriately, it with help you cultivate an environment that allows your hair to thrive.

The temperature of your water has minimal bearing on that. I know you’ve heard warm water lifts the cuticle, and cold water lowers it. But did you also know that moisture, regardless of the temperature, does the same thing? Our hair is like a plant in the most basic sense. If water is there, it will try and absorb it. The best way to achieve this is by lifting the cuticle. Now, couple this with the fact that shampoo and conditioner are designed to raise and lower the cuticle. Then, you’ll see why the water temperature should not be a significant issue. If you like cold showers, knock yourself out, but don’t let the temperature of the water keep you from addressing what matters most.

What matters most

More than the temperature of the water, here are some things that you should pay attention to when caring for your natural hair:

  • Right Mindset
  • Right products
  • Right practices
  • Right technique
  • Right tools

These things matter more and, when approached consistently and intentionally, will help you achieve the results you thought you were getting when adjusting the temperature of your water.

Your attention to detail and commitment to getting things right is admirable, curlfriend. When you get laser-focused on what matters most, your outcomes will change.

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