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Great Expectations: Being Real about Natural Hair Care

Are your expectations for your natural hair experience realistic?

Frustration, overwhelm, and displeasure are usually the telltale signs of a natural hair experience that does not live up to our greatest expectations. Regardless of how we get there, I am pretty sure we all have had an experience on our natural journey that left a sour taste in our mouth.

What are you basing your expectations on for your natural experience? How do you determine what you should expect for your curls and their performance? If you’re tired of feeling let down by your natural experience, you’re in luck! Today we’re taking a closer look at simple ways to set more realistic expectations and get the most out of your natural experience

Let’s be real

Setting realistic expectations for our natural experience does not mean accepting less for our hair, committing to complicated routines, or believing that our curls will lack definition and our styles longevity. In fact, when equipped with the proper knowledge, it is the exact opposite. To start getting real about your natural hair journey, consider the following things

Knowing your hair is key

The best way to set realistic expectations for your natural hair journey is to know your hair’s unique characteristics. These key factors will help you determine how your hair should look, feel, and behave. Understanding them will reduce frustration and allow you to set more realistic goals.

Separate fact from fiction

Let’s face it; the internet is filled with hacks, tips, and tricks designed to guide you in managing your natural hair. Sadly a lot of the things we consider law originate from falsehoods and misinformation. The essentials of hair care have always been the same. Natural hair does not require extensive routines and copious amounts of products or effort to flourish.  Establishing realistic expectations will require you to examine what you thought you knew and separate the fact from the fiction.

Your curls are unique

Curl envy can lead to significant frustrations and overworking in the wrong direction. A genuine appreciation for our curls relies on knowing and understanding the unique characteristics of your hair. Expectations based on comparison and our idea of the perfect curl will ultimately lead to displeasure and unattainable goals. Stop comparing your curls to others or chasing a popularized “ ideal” curl type and start working towards improving your unique curls’ health.

Consistency is a must

Achieving and maintaining healthy natural hair takes work. Though not explicitly hard, it should be thoughtful, intentional, and repeated consistently. We cannot haphazardly care for our hair and expect it to flourish. Consistency allows for improvement, helps us meet our expectations faster,  and enables us to achieve our hair goals.

Progress takes time

We should not expect our hair to grow, change, or improve overnight. Success requires work, consistency, and time. Grant yourself and your hair some grace and allow space and time for your hair’s health to improve. The images we see of beautiful, healthy curls take time and the right work. Properly caring for your natural hair to achieve your desired results is a process that requires time, effort, and intentionality. Trust me, when done correctly, the payoff and the process can be gratifying.

When we know what to expect of our hair, the process of setting realistic goals is more manageable. Sticking to fact-based hair care and understanding that the natural journey requires consistency and time will remove many frustrations surrounding your natural experience. Equip yourself with the knowledge and the tools you need to set realistic expectations and become successful on your natural journey at Bold Kulture Beauty!