to refresh or not

A Wash Day Dilemma: To Refresh Or Not

To the curlfriend who struggles with whether they should refresh their curls and hates that their styles last only a short time, this one’s for you.

To refresh or not to refresh? The wash day dilemma we love to hate. This is the question every curlfriend faces at least once in their natural journey. And an extra layer of stress that no one needs.

The good news is that you can do whatever you want to your hair on your natural journey. You’ve always had that power. Where you need help is your confidence in your natural hair and your ability to care for it.

Today, I want to help you build your confidence and answer this question once and for all.

What does it me to refresh your hair?

Typically refreshing your natural style means applying a product that rewets and activates the product already present in your hair.  It is designed to help you liven up your curls and stretch that style for a few more days. This works well when the appropriate amount of product is applied during the initial styling session.

For most curlfriends, this did not happen, so they’re adding more product to under-styled hair, which typically does not give the desired results—often requiring this process to be repeated daily, resulting in product build-up, extra work, and sometimes, an entirely different style.

Don’t get me wrong, I have refreshed my hair before, and when done correctly, it yields impressive results that won’t require more work. However, for those who need to refresh daily, something is not working as it should.

My Advice

Instead of refreshing your style, start fresh! Take what you’ve learned from your previous wash and styling experience and apply it to your next attempt to create your style. When you do this, a couple of things will happen:

  • You create a clean canvas that yields better results.
  • Reduced risk of excessive product build-up and flaking.
  • You become better equipped to adjust and make improvements from your last style.
  • Waste less product.

If you’re worried about washing your hair too much, don’t.  Depending on the health of your hair, these extra cleansing sessions are necessary to cultivate the healthy environment your hair needs to thrive. This does not mean you must wash your hair every three to four days. A seven-to-ten-day window is sufficient, but it is acceptable to shorten that time based on your lifestyle, your hair’s specific needs, or your desire to refresh.

If you desire better results that last:
  • Focus on improving the health of your hair.
  • Employ the right mindset, practices, products, tools, and techniques when caring for your hair.
  • Learn more about your hair and what it needs.
  • Practice intentional hair care.
  • Use a sufficient amount of product and water.
  • Work on clean hair
  • Remain consistent.

If you are curious about how to do this or what it looks like, I’ve laid it all out for you in my ultimate natural hair guide “It Could All Be So Simple,” my step-by-step guide that will teach you everything you need to know about your hair and how to create and implement a natural hair care plan that works.

Seriously curlfriends, I want you to win and know exactly how it can be done. No matter where you are on your natural journey, I am always here to serve you. Click here to discover my game-changing natural hair resource, or connect with me in-store or online at Bold Kulture Beauty and get the tools, support, and access necessary to save time, build confidence, and make natural hair care EASY!