Stop doubting the process curlfriend

Stop Doubting The Process Curlfriend

All right, curlfriends, we need to have a little talk. Something is telling me that many of you are still skeptical about your intentional natural journey, and we need to address it. It’s time to stop doubting the process, curlfriend.

I understand why you are hesitant, but I want to remind you that you may have overlooked some things. The natural experience you’re used to may be complicated, time-consuming, and frustrating, but this is not that.

I know you are used to spending long hours on your hair, retwisting nightly to achieve curl definition, and going through the motions on wash day, but that is NOT what you should expect from your natural journey.  

Keep reading and get ready because I’m about to show you exactly what an intentional natural experience should be. Many of you are missing out, and it’s because you allow the struggle narrative, misaligned goals, and popular trends to dictate how you care for your curls.

Continuing this way won’t end well, curlfriends, trust me. I’ve been there, and it’s not what you want or what I want for you. That’s why when I tell you natural hair care can be easy, I mean it. But you can only get there when you decide to become intentional and fully embrace your natural hair. So, stop doubting the process, curlfriend. It’s time to experience natural hair care as it was intended!

Natural hair care the way it was intended.

You’re probably wondering: “what should I expect on my natural journey?” And I am so glad you asked. While historically, your natural experiences may have been less than impressive, when you’re intentional about natural hair care, all of that changes.

My favorite thing about intentionally caring for your natural hair is that when approached correctly, you can cultivate an environment that allows your curls to thrive! This means that:

  • The health of your hair is on point.
  • With proper technique and application, your curls will be popping
  • You don’t have to go through the process of trial and error when selecting products
  • You will become more efficient with styling your hair
  • Wash days become more enjoyable
  • You feel more comfortable and confident with your curls and your ability to care for them.
  • Your struggles with dryness become a thing of the past
  • Your entire natural experience becomes easier.

This is why I’m telling you, curlfriends, that you must stop doubting the process. In previous experiences, you were all in, and it yielded minimal results. Many of you are still struggling on your natural journey, and honestly, I would be skeptical too. But you must know that there is a better option. One that you can trust. And it brings with it the reward of achieving your natural hair goals.

Will it require work? Yes, but it’s not what you’re used to. This time, your actions are intentional, based on facts, and yield results.

How we get there

Listen closely, curlfriend. This may shock you but being intentional on your natural journey is easier than you think. Honestly, the hardest part is consistency, but when you know what to do and see the results it brings, you will want to be as consistent as possible.

So, what does it take to make natural hair care easier? I thought you’d never ask!

  • Letting go of your previous misconceptions about natural hair care
  • Learning helpful information about your hair
  • Practical application of the knowledge you’ve gained
  • Consistency
  • Most importantly, trusting the process

Don’t let your past experiences with natural hair care keep you cuffed to the struggle narrative. It’s time to stop doubting the process of intentional natural hair care curlfriend.

If you’re serious about making natural hair care easy, I would love to serve you. You can start today! Head to Bold Kulture Beauty, enjoy our incredible resources, or work with me directly to get the tools, support, and access needed to save time, build confidence, and make natural hair care easy!