product selection

Discovering Products That Are Right For You

The growing popularity of natural hair care has created an influx of products and solutions to your hair care needs. The various choices, catchy phrases, stunning models, and ever-growing product lines can make the task of product selection quite daunting

Experiencing this firsthand inspired me to make the process of product selection easier for myself and others.  Choosing the right products requires intentionality. When done correctly, you save time and money, eliminate unnecessary stressors, and benefit from quality products that support your hair’s health.

To take your product selection skills from haphazard to intentional, ask yourself the following questions:

What do I know about my curls?

Knowledge is power. If you rely solely on manufactures and popular trends to dictate your hair care needs, you will always miss the mark.  Start with knowing your curls and their specific needs, then use that information to guide your product selection

What am I expecting from my curls?

Your expectations for your curls must align with the characteristics of your hair. That’s why knowing and embracing your curls is essential.  Take the time to discover what you’re working with, then choose styles and products that meet your curl’s needs and encourage them to flourish.

What do my curls need?

Before choosing any products, ask yourself, what problem would this product address for my curls? All products are not created equal or for the same intent. Your core products, like shampoos and conditioners, should always address a specific need.  And should be chosen based on what your hair needs at that moment. Meaning, you may have multiple shampoos and conditioners—each serving a specific purpose and used only when needed.

What is my desired style?

When we better understand our hair and its unique characteristics, we’ll better understand what styles best compliment our curls. Additionally, your environment and lifestyle will also influence how you care for and style your hair. And what type of products are best-suited to help set our desired style.  Considering all of these factors promotes intentionality and increases the likelihood that the products you choose will meet your needs.

Are the ingredients suitable for my curls? 

Ingredients mater. The wrong ingredients can oppose your best efforts to create an environment that allows your curls to thrive. Stay informed and be mindful. You don’t have to get too caught up in ingredient names, but you should consider the quality and effectiveness of the products you choose and where certain ingredients fall on the list. To shop my selection of quality products with safe ingredients, click here

I know it seems like a lot to consider, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. And, I’m here to help! You don’t have to go on your natural journey alone. Whether it’s learning more about your curls, mastering wash day, or creating a plan to meet your hair care needs, I can help. To discover all the ways I can help you confidently and comfortably master natural hair care, visit Bold Kulture Beauty and schedule a discovery call today!