wash day essentials

Wash Day Essentials

What are your wash day essentials?

Great question.

There is so much talk about wash days, how long they should last, what products you should use, and what’s included in the wash day process. It’s no wonder that the thought of wash day has you confused and maybe even a little overwhelmed.

Don’t worry if you’re dreading wash day or struggle to identify the best way to approach it. I’m here to help you clear up the confusion.

Today, we’re looking at key wash day essentials, determining what they are and why you need them.

What’s included in the wash day process?

Wash days don’t have to be complicated. I repeat, wash days don’t have to be complicated. Our propensity for doing the most when it comes to our hair makes it complicated.

So, what should we be doing on wash day? Cleansing, conditioning,  and detangling your curls are the primary goals. Mastering the styling of our curls is icing on the cake.

Your efficacy, efficiency, and consistency will dictate how much time it takes to complete wash day.

It should not and does not have to take all day!

Things that complicate the wash day process

If washing your hair takes all day, it is safe to say that there is room for improvement. Our time is precious. No one wants to spend all day struggling with their curls. Life is already complicated; cleansing your curls shouldn’t be.

The greatest complicator of the wash day process is not properly understanding our curls and the best way to meet their needs. When we lack the proper understanding, we do unnecessary work, try products that work against us, and believe misconceptions that can damage our hair’s health.

When we’re informed and intentional, we focus more on the essentials and less on the ancillary distractions that keep us from having a simple and successful wash day.

What are your wash day essentials                                                                                                  

Your wash day essentials are the key things you need to carry out your primary goal of cleansing and nurturing your hair. These include shampoo, conditioner, and the tool of your choice to assist in the detangling process. Each component of the wash day process is essential and required for a successful wash day. 

You should not skip steps. And remember, while the essentials of wash day are the same for everyone, the products you choose will not always be the same.  The combination of products you use and how you approach wash day depends heavily on the knowledge you have about your curls, your lifestyle, and the environmental elements that affect your hair.

How do I maximize success and simplify wash day

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your curls, the better decisions you can make and the less time you waste on products and practices that do not add value.

If you’re ready to take a more intentional approach to wash day, reclaim your time, eliminate struggle, and successfully master the cleansing and styling process. I can help!

I understand how doing wash day wrong can affect the health of your curls and the longevity of your styles. want to help you improve your experience in every way!

That’s why I created Wash Day 101! An exclusive experience that guides you through the wash day process. Provides step by step direction for proper technique and grants access to quality products that work. 

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Wash Day 101
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