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Squeaky Clean: The Dirty Truth About Shampoo

Are your current beliefs concerning shampoo helping or hindering your progress on your natural journey?

There are several opinions available concerning shampoo and the effects it can have on your precious curls. Admittedly some are helpful. Unfortunately, many of the most popular opinions are not.  Before you make any rash decisions concerning shampoo, let me help you separate facts from fiction and make more intentional decisions on properly caring for your curls.

Is it necessary?

What’s a wash day without shampoo?

No, much, actually.

Shampoo is a necessity for clean (emphasis on clean) healthy hair. It is also the first step in encouraging your hair to drink in moisture and maintain adequate hydration levels. Frequent and consistent shampooing creates an environment that increases hydration, builds your curls’ elasticity, and allows your curls to thrive.

If you were ever curious if this staple of wash day was a necessity. The answer is yes!

Cons of a dirty scalp

I know you’ve heard the endless list of cons concerning shampoo. Now it’s time to address the cons of not washing your hair. A conditioner-only wash routine may seem like a great immediate solution to refresh a wash and go, but routinely skipping the shampoo can negatively affect your hair’s overall health and growth. If you’re a conditioner-only washer, check out the facts below to better understand why shampoo is necessary.

The number one modifiable enemy of your Scalp’s success is build-up. Build-up comes in many shapes and forms. Oils produced from the oil glands in your Scalp, sweat from exercising and regular living, environmental debris, and products can all contribute to the build-up you experience on your Scalp.

Excluding all other sources, the oil that our Scalp produces, if left unattended, would be enough to cause significant changes in the optimal performance of our Scalp and hair. Scalps buried under oil, debris, and product build-up don’t allow your hair to be great. Common effects of build-up on the Scalp include:

  • Irritated Scalp
  • Loss of curl definition
  • Dry, brittle hair
  • Lackluster strands
  • A musty odor or smell of the hair
  • Hair loss

The Scalp, much like the skin on our face, requires a clean, breathable environment to thrive. If you have noticed any of these issues with your hair, routinely skip shampoo on wash days, it may be time to add the appropriate shampoo to your wash day routine.

Why you may have been deceived

Several factors can influence the common misconceptions concerning shampoo. Namely:

  • Lack of understanding of your curls or how they should look, feel and behave
  • Your Inability to identify what clean curls should look and feel
  • The misunderstanding of shampoo’s true purpose
  • The Inability to select the appropriate shampoo to meet your needs
  • Use of poor-quality products
  • Inconsistency with and lack of knowledge of the proper cleansing techniques

All of these things make it easy to misunderstand the benefits and necessity of shampoo. Luckily, I have an easy solution to help you become more knowledgeable and take better care of your curls.

Cleansing is always best

Use shampoo! There aren’t many instances where you should avoid cleansing and caring for your curls. If you want to see a positive difference in your hair, give your Scalp the TLC that it needs. Start with a thorough cleanse using shampoo.

While shampoo won’t solve all your natural hair woes, it is excellent to start if you are not a routine user. And by routine, I mean consistently cleansing every 7-10 days. Starting with shampoo makes the wash day process easier and your curls healthier, more manageable, and more defined. A clean scalp is the foundation for success. Whatever you do, don’t skip the shampoo!

Small intentional changes can make a drastic difference in the health of your hair and the performance of your curls. With the proper knowledge and technique, you can turn a once dreaded task into an enjoyable experience. I would be happy to show you how it’s done!

Learn more about the benefits of shampoo, simple steps to simplify your hair care routine, and how I can help you confidently and comfortably master natural hair care. Click Here or visit Bold Kulture Beauty to schedule your discovery call today!