Dry hair

3 Reasons Your Hair Is Dry & How To Fix It

Hey curlfriends, raise your hand if you’ve ever felt at any period during your natural journey that your hair was dry. I don’t need to see the hands to know that the overwhelming response is yes!

Yes…I felt my hair was dry. I’m battling dryness, the standard solutions to this problem are not working, and I am tired of fighting this dry hair!

Dryness is a four-letter word in the natural community. It exists to ruin our styles make caring for our hair more challenging, and ultimately keep us from succeeding on our natural journey. 

Every curlfriend on this earth would admit that they struggled with dryness. That’s why I’m giving simple solutions you can do right now to enjoy the healthy, hydrated curls you desire.

What is dryness?

Before we get into the whys and hows, let’s take a min talk about what dryness is. Besides hindering our success on our natural journey, it is a state that our hair can live in when it has lost moisture. The extent of dryness depends heavily on external factors and how we care for our hair. 

We often look at dryness as how our hair feels to the touch or looks, but we can’t assess whether our hair is dry if we are not looking at how it behaves. Our regular assessment of dryness based on appearance causes us to overlook key indicators that appear when I hear begins to get dry. Touch alone leads us to incorrectly assume that the surface texture of our hair is what dry hair feels like when that may not always be the case.

Here are some telltale signs that your hair is losing moisture: 

  • Loss of elasticity 
  • Increase frizz
  • Loss of curl definition
  • Poor response to styling products
  • Lack of manageability

It is essential to point out that healthy hair can also get dry, which is why consistent care is necessary.

What causes dryness?

Like a wet sponge on the counter, our hair will naturally dry over time. This is normal and expected. Water lives in our hair as a vapor, so things like oils and creams cannot seal it into our hair strands. 

While the progressive drying out of our hair strands is a normal process, we partake in specific activities that will contribute to dehydrating our hair and prevent it from becoming adequately hydrated. 

These include: 

  • Not cleansing your hair with shampoo
  • Focusing more on moisturizing the hair than hydrating the curls
  • Consistently using products that dehydrate the hair and create waterproof curls
What can you do about it?

I know what you’re expecting, and I was expecting the same things at this point on my natural journey. The truth is that your dryness solutions are not found in a jar, a daily spray with water, or any product you see at the store. 

Your issues with dryness are solved when you do the right work concerning caring for your curls which includes:

  • Getting intentional about natural hair care.
  • Learning more about your hair and its specific needs
  • Eliminating practices that promote dryness and waterproof curls
  • Becoming consistent

I wish there were a quick store-bought solution, but there is not. In many situations, the miracle products we have chosen keep us in a cycle of dryness, diminish the health of our hair, and cause more harm than good.

The good news is that these four steps are things you can do right now to change the health and hydration of your natural hair. If you’re serious about doing better and achieving better for your natural hair, visit Bold Kulure Beauty and let me help you! You know what to do. I’ll show you how to do it to be successful. Start today, stay consistent, and see what it does to your hair’s health!