Stop Doing On Your Natural Journey

5 Things To Stop Doing On Your Natural Journey

Curlfriends, if you want natural hair care to be easier, then we need to have a serious talk. I know that on most days, I’m usually telling you things you should, could, and must do to make natural hair care easy. Today we’re going to talk about some things you need to stop doing on your natural journey.

Seriously curlfriends, when’s the last time you assessed how you approached your natural hair and examined whether it was helping? I know you are accustomed to trying and doing everything on your natural journey. Today I want to focus on what you should stop doing if you plan to make natural hair care easy.

Here’s the issue

I started my journey, like many of you, unsure of what steps I should take to achieve the curls I desired. Honestly, I didn’t know what I should desire, but I knew what was considered acceptable and beautiful, so I desired that. I soon learned that this was taking me nowhere fast. It was harder for me to be happy because the path I had chosen and the goals I had set required me to do things that weren’t helpful.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the more I struggled to create socially acceptable outcomes, the farther I got from what I really needed. You may think, “girl, it’s just hair. It ain’t that deep.” but if you’re struggling, dissatisfied, or miserable but still committed to this natural journey, I would say it is.   You’ve accepted something that doesn’t have to be your reality, and today I invite you to change that.

 A solution worth working for

We always look for quick fixes and fast solutions on our natural journey. Unfortunately, there aren’t any, so today, I’m not going to get your hopes up. I will show you how these things you’re subconsciously doing are actively affecting every decision you make. Pulling you farther away from the effective, efficient, stress-free natural journey you deserve.

If you’re ready to make natural hair care easy, here are 5 things you should stop right now that will change the trajectory of your natural experience and help you make natural hair care easy.

Starting today let’s stop:
  • Accepting the struggle narrative for natural hair care
  • Taking your hair for granted
  • Only highlighting the negatives
  • Comparing our hair and journey to others
  • Using misinformation to guide you on your natural journey

I know what you were looking for.  You’re expecting me to tell you to stop using oils, eliminate co-wash-only routines, and stop skipping trims. I’ve said that and have plenty of resources you can read explaining why these things are beneficial. I’ve realized that before being open to those suggestions, you must address these other issues first.

It will require acceptance of hard truths, an open mind, and honesty, but it is worth it. Failing to address these issues keeps you in the cycle of struggle. It causes you to rely on what is familiar vs. what works.

Curlfriends I know you’re tired. You’ve been conditioned to believe that tiredness is part of the struggle. It’s not, and neither is the work you’re doing that isn’t yielding tangible results. If you want to make natural hair care easy, addressing these critical issues will ensure your success.

Honestly, Curlfriend, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. That’s why I want to help you.  You’ve been doing work. Now, it’s time to go all in and do work that will serve you. Take intentional steps to eliminate hurdles to success, and empower you to make natural hair care EASY! If you’re serious about achieving and doing better for your natural hair, visit Bold Kulture beauty today! Work with me to simplify your natural hair routine and cultivate an environment that allows your natural hair to thrive.