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Curlfriend, Your Hair Is Dirty!

When was the last time you washed your hair, and how dedicated are you to cleansing it intentionally and consistently?

I know there are several debates over how frequently you should wash your hair and what products you should use. This is NOT that. (Well, maybe a little, but I’m bringing facts, NOT old wives’ tales or popular trends). Right now, I simply want to know when was the last time you washed your hair. (we’ll get into everything else later).

If you had to think about it, Curlfriend, your hair is dirty.

And for those curlfriends who said you washed yours recently. Check your products. If you’re not using shampoo or are using products prone to build up without the appropriate shampoo, your hair is probably also dirty.

Read this first, then wash it!

Myths busted

You have been led to believe that inconsistency with washing, extended protective styles, and piling on products would yield you the results you desire. This is not true.  Except for plants, bacteria, and some other organisms, most things do not thrive when they are dirty. This includes our hair and scalp.

I know there are fears about overwashing and stripping the hair of its essential oils, but honestly, cleansing your hair consistently is the best thing you can do for your hair and scalp. Consistently does not mean every day. I’m not telling you to wash your hair daily, but you should choose a rhythm that matches your lifestyle and cultivates an environment that allows your curls to thrive. (Before you ask, once a month is not it, and every two weeks is pushing it).

You’re probably thinking, “but what about stripping my hair of its oils? I hate the way my hair feels when I use shampoo.”

I hate to break it to you, curlfriend, but in most cases, when your hair is clean, you feel the surface texture of your hair. Developing an intimate knowledge of the surface texture of your hair is not bad. It will help you on your journey and allow you to be intentional when caring for your natural hair.

Granted, in some cases, when you choose the wrong shampoo and use it frequently, you can get less than desired results, but many of you aren’t cleansing your hair enough for this to be the case.  And if you’re still concerned about how and when to wash your hair properly, I have a resource to help you.

The takeaway here is to be intentional with the frequency of your cleansing and the products you use to ensure you get the desired results.

Why dirty isn’t ideal

We all have some common struggles on our natural journey: definition, dryness, manageability, and length retention. Have you ever considered that these issues could result from dirty hair? Seriously, what if the solution to your problems had more to do with hair hygiene than anything else? Don’t get me wrong, struggles on our natural journey can also stem from other places. Still, when you aren’t creating an environment that allows your hair to thrive, these struggles will continue complicating your natural journey.

If you have ever wondered if your struggles were related to dirty hair, here are some common issues you may encounter when your hair is dirty.

  • Loss of curl definition
  • Waterproof curls
  • Scalp issues related to bacterial or fungal infections and growth
  • Low response to products
  • Absence of lather when shampooing
  • Increased frizziness
  • Excessive dryness
  • Product build-up
  • Excessively coarse or brittle texture
  • Hair loss

While this list is not all-inclusive, you can see that many of your common concerns and complaints can be directly related to the cleanliness of your hair. So curlfriend, if you have been struggling with any of these issues and are not cleansing your hair consistently, your hair is dirty!

The solution

Ok, curlfriends, now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about what you want to know. Well, you may have guessed it, but the only solution is to clean your hair and do it consistently and intentionally.  This requires you to know your hair, know its needs, and commit to consistently cultivating an environment that allows it to thrive.

While this may not be complicated, I understand that it can be challenging when you are trying to know your curls and build A level of intentionality and consistency to care for them. That’s why I would love to help you! I’ve been there, survived it, and helped countless others.

If you are serious about improving the health of your hair, visit Bold Kulture Beauty, check out our online resources, or work with me one-on-one and get the tools support, and access needed to save time, build confidence, and make natural hair care easy!

Cheers, to clean curls and the natural hair goals we’ll reach because of them!