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Fact or Fiction: Exploring Myths about Natural Hair Care

What is the biggest myth that you’ve believed about natural hair care?

The wealth of information surrounding natural hair care can be a blessing and a curse. Fact! When you find and absorb the correct information, your hair will flourish. If you happen to fall victim to the less reliable resources, you could become frustrated, disappointed, and confused.

Misinformation, misguided assumptions, and myths will make the road to achieving your natural hair goals very difficult. If you’re ready to let go of the myths and learns some valuable facts about natural hair care, you’re in luck! Today we’re exploring common myths about natural hair care and bringing you the facts to dispel them.

Fact or fiction: natural is hard to manage – fiction!

Fact: We’ve invested too much time in the wrong things. Our focus is wrong, expectations unrealistic, and our patience is growing thin. Overly complicated routines and spending hours on hair are not what natural hair care is about. Managing your natural hair can be more enjoyable. It requires shifting your attention to the things that matter and letting go of those that don’t. Let’s Keep it simple, focus on the essentials, and forget what you’ve heard. When we do the right work, trust the process, and remain consistent, caring for our hair becomes easier.

Fact or fiction: Oils are a great source of moisture for your hair – fiction!

Fact: Oils are not a source of moisture and should not be our first choice when seeking to increase the moisture levels of our hair. Oils may provide shine, allow the strands to pass each other without friction, and give the look of hydration, but do not solve the underlying problem. Your answer to dryness is first understanding your hair and setting realistic expectations. Then consistently cleansing the hair and incorporating practices and products that support the proper absorption and retention of water.

Fact or fiction: Daily refreshing of your curls is necessary – fiction!

Fact: Daily refreshing is probably causing more harm than good. Continuous manipulating, application of products, and spritzing with water is not ideal for your curls. It causes excessive product buildup, damages your hair’s cuticle, and ultimately results in damage and dryness. Seek quality products and master techniques that will help to enhance the longevity of your styles. Knowing when and how to use specific stylers, styling on clean hair, and allowing the hair to dry undisturbed will help increase definition and extend the life of your styles.

Fact or fiction: You can achieve your hair goals without focusing on health – fiction!

Fact: Healthy hair yields the best results. There is no length retention, curl definition, or shine without healthy hair. Products can provide the look or appearance of healthy hair, but without investing the time to ensure your hair is healthy, the results will not last. Healthy hair requires knowledge, the proper work, and consistency. There are no shortcuts

Fact or fiction: DIY food-based hair masks are benefiting you – fiction!

Fact: Deep conditioners and hair masks are a great way to care for your hair. Foods rich in nutrients are necessary for the health of your hair as well. Homemade food-based hair masks, however, are not providing the benefit you think. Our hair can absorb some things but cannot digest them. The nutrients in the food we love must first be ingested and broken down in the stomach or skillfully formulated in products to be of benefit. I’ve seen the pics and tutorials of food-based masks that take the hair from drab to fab, but trust me. It’s not worth it. These masks are often messy and extremely difficult to cleanse from the hair thoroughly.

Having the proper knowledge makes a world of difference to your level of satisfaction on your natural journey. When equipped with knowledge, you can make informed and intentional decisions that will promote the health of your hair and simplify your natural experience. Stop struggling with misinformation, follow a trusted source that will empower you to dispel the myths, and give you the tools needed to confidently and comfortably master natural hair care. Visit Bold Kulture Beauty, and let’s get started today!