consistency is key

Consistency Is Key

If you’re like me, then you enjoy a little instant gratification.  This reality is why I love shopping sprees (budget-friendly, of course) and popcorn. The concept of instant gratification is excellent in the short term, but experience has shown me that the results tend to vary, and the level of satisfaction is fleeting.  

We often want to apply the principles of instant gratification to our hair care routine, but the opposite tends to be true. There are no shortcuts. Varying levels of work and consistency are required if we expect to get lasting and meaningful results.  

While not a stranger to putting in work on my natural journey, I have learned that the right work paired with consistency will yield the results that I desire. The endgame is not only the successful execution of a hairstyle but healthy hair that is thriving.

Today we’re taking a closer look at an often overlooked practice and why it may be valuable to start being more consistent on your natural hair journey.

The right work + consistency = lasting results

What do you consistently do to and for your hair? There is something to be said about maintaining good habits when it comes to natural hair care. The perfect curl may not exist, but consistently incorporating the right practices into your routine will eventually create the results you desire.

What are the right practices? Well, there is much debate over what is right when it comes to natural hair care. A general rule of thumb to help you decipher what you should be doing is to stick to the basics—clean condition and style. Focus on practices supported by facts and steer clear of popular opinion that has no factual basis.

If you’re still trying to figure out what you should be doing, this may be a great place to start

Do these things consistently
  • Use shampoo – weekly washes with the appropriate shampoo promote a healthy scalp and  increases hydration and the moisture level of your hair
  • Keep up with routine maintenance -regular trims and deep conditioning sessions reduce damage and allow you to maintain the healthy state of your hair
  • Avoid excessive friction and over manipulation – excessively tight styles and over manipulation will cause weak points in the hair that can lead to breakage and hair loss
The benefits of consistency

When starting on your natural hair journey or with incorporating new products or practices into your hair care routine, you may not always see the max benefits or the results you desire on the first try.

Being consistent grants you the grace to continually adjust and improve as necessary.

In being consistent, your techniques will improve, the health of your hair will improve, you will become more efficient, and you will eventually begin to see the results you desire.

Unfamiliar things appear complicated at first glance. Pushing through the initial discomfort and committing to doing the work will always pay off in the end. To jump-start, your healthy hair routine, and learn more about practices to incorporate into your routine, visit us today, and let’s start a curly conversation.