Natural hair hang-ups

Part 1: Natural Hair Hang-ups & How to Address Them

What are some of your biggest natural hair hang-ups?

On this natural journey, it is very easy to become hyper-focused on specific issues. Not often warranted, this can lead us to obsess over non-issues and create extensive hair care routines. When it comes to natural hair care, it is essential to remember that less is more. Some of the things we allow to consume our attention aren’t worth the hassle.

The more time we invest in learning the things that matter, the less of a factor hang-ups become.  Today we’re taking a closer look at some common natural hair hang-ups and addressing why they shouldn’t be a factor.

What matters most

Admittedly, the list of hang-ups for anyone on their natural hair journey can be extensive. Our hang-ups often prevent us from focusing on the things that matter. Check out some of the more common natural hair hang-ups below and the compelling reasons for letting them go.

Natural hair hang-ups to let go

Curl typing – Not intended to give guided direction on caring for or managing your hair. Curl typing and knowing your curl pattern don’t add any specific value to the natural experience. Save yourself the headache and stop stressing over your curl type. To learn more about what you should seek to know, instead, click here.

Heat usage – The excessive use and overuse of heat can pose potential threats to the hair. Every source of heat, however, is not a threat to your natural hair. The complete and total exclusion of heat can often eliminate some conveniences designed to simplify hair care. To learn more about direct and indirect heat and how to protect your hair better, click here

Hair color – A lot of the choices we make for our hair are individualized. Hair color is one of them. When done correctly, color is a non-issue and can help to breathe life into any look.  If the idea of hair color causes you significant stress, don’t let it. To learn more about hair color and simple ways to maintain the health of your hair, click here

Regular shedding – Alopecia and excessive hair loss can be a legitimate reason for concern. Routine shedding, however, is a natural part of the hair growth cycle and should be expected. Do not stress over regular shedding. If you are experiencing significant air loss, seek a dermatologist. To learn more about hair loss and shedding and ways to tell the difference, click here.

How to let go of the hang-ups

When armed with facts concerning natural hair care, the more common hang-ups lose their power. Learn to separate fact from fiction, be informed about your hair’s essential elements, and assess the risks and benefits before making significant changes.

We don’t have to be afraid of doing things when it comes to our natural hair. We need to be informed and employ the best practices when doing them. To get the tools you need for success, and to become more informed about natural hair care, visit Bold Kulture Beauty!

Don’t worry; this discussion isn’t over yet. Make sure you stay tuned for part 2 of natural hair hang-up as we discuss more hang-up and better places to put our focus!

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