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Relax, Curlfriend, it’s Wash Day!

When is the last time you relaxed on wash day?

Could you imagine a stress-free wash day experience that didn’t take all day, required minimum effort, and improved the health of your curls?

It’s possible, and getting there is easier than you’ve been lead to believe.

Your wash day experience can be as complex or as simple as you desire. Unfortunately, many err on the side of complexity. The problem, you believe the extra work you’re doing is helping. Truthfully, in most cases, it’s adding work and time with little to no benefit.

The solution

How do you get to a place where your efforts yield results and your time isn’t wasted? Easy! Keep it simple. There are very few situations where you need to do as much as you’ve been doing to your hair on wash day.

The right work alleviates complexity. Consistency makes relaxing on wash day more accessible. Leave the concoctions and complex routines where they are and get back to the basics. Want to know how I make wash day simple check out my stress-free approach to an enjoyable wash day below.

Keeping it simple
  • Develop an intimate knowledge of your curls
  • Focus on what needs to be done and do it consistently
  • Skip the extra and unnecessary work
  • Invest in quality products

And that’s it! These essential practices empower you to eliminate struggles, alleviate stress, and relax and enjoy wash day.

You’ve been told that you need to do several things before, during, and after the wash day process to ensure specific results. The reality is that simplicity starts with knowledge. Knowing your curls creates intentionality. Intentionality takes the guesswork out of wash day and opens the way for an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

The beauty of following these practices is they’re universal and apply to all curls regardless of texture, surface texture, or density.  Wash day does not have to be innately complex. The good news, now that you know what to do, I can show you exactly how to apply it! Join Wash Day 101 today and get the tools and support you need to master wash day from start to style!

For more great tips and to learn how I can empower you to realize the potential of your curls, build confidence, and confidently and comfortably care for your curls, visit Bold Kulture Beauty!

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