Beneath The Shine

Beneath The Shine

Should shine be a goal for all naturals?

Our ideas about curls, their health, beauty, and perpetual state of dryness, affect how we approach natural hair care. Unfortunately, these ideas, steeped in misconception and misinformation, add very little value when determining our curls’ actual health, beauty, and character.

Well-intentioned or not, these beliefs create a significant burden when it comes to assessing our hair, setting goals, and what’s considered a success on our natural journey. Not today! Today we’re shaking things up and going beneath the shine to determine what having shiny hair means and if it should be a goal for all naturals.

The science of shine

Whether or not your hair is shiny depends heavily on certain factors. Most importantly, surface texture.  Where hair is concerned, shine occurs when the hair reflects light. As with other surfaces, you would expect a smoother surface to reflect light better and create a more significant shine. The same is true for your hair. If you have a smooth surface texture, you can expect your hair to shine naturally. More coarse textures will reflect light differently and create more of a sheen (dull shine) because their surface is not flat.

Should I worry If my hair is not shiny?

The short answer. It depends. Shine is not a universal appearance of all curls. So. if your hair is not supposed to be naturally shiny, no. Your hair’s health relies on more than appearance, and lack of shine does not automatically mean your hair is unhealthy. If you have a smoother surface texture that is naturally shiny and you happen to notice it has dulled, take inventory of how you’ve cared for your hair. It could be time to cleanse the hair or investigate other factors that could affect its health.

What about products?

Products are strictly cosmetic. The appearance of shine provided by different oils, creams, or finishing products is not inherently improving your hair’s health. In some cases, they can be the reason your hair is becoming dull or losing definition. The key to healthy hair that looks its best (whether that is shine or sheen) depends on our consistency level regarding cleansing, conditioning, and styling our hair.

Why does it matter?

A large area of concern for many naturals is the presence or absence of shine. While it shouldn’t be a significant issue, misinformation and limited knowledge about our hair, along with personal preferences, have made it one. The takeaway, learn more about your hair. When we know how our hair should look, feel, and behave, we are less inclined to be swayed by opinions and misinformation and better understand what to expect from our curls.

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