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Confessions of a Curly Girl: Gems for Your Journey 1

Being natural for almost seven years now, I wish I would have known then what I know now, or at least been able to discern fact from fiction. It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Can you relate?

The struggle can be real when it comes to confidently and comfortably managing your natural hair. That’s why I’m dedicated to ensuring you succeed on your natural journey. Today, I’m sharing with you key things I learned in the struggle and how they’ve helped me reach a place where I’m confident and comfortable rocking my natural hair.

There may be tears, and that’s OK

This process is not perfect; your hair will be jacked up at times, period. There is no magical potion that you can drink or pour on your hair to create perfect runway-ready curls. You may not be your girlfriend with unicorn hair, who always manages to look flawless. Your hair may not be thick enough or long enough for that style, some wash days will be a fail, and frustration happens. I’ve been there, I’ve agonized over it, and yes, I have even shed tears over it.  The good news is it’s OK! You are not alone in your frustration, but don’t get stuck there. Learn from it. Develop an intimate knowledge of your curls, so you know what to expect. Then rock them in all their glory!

Tightly coiled hair is beautiful

This one is for my tightly coily curlfriends. I have struggled at times with the desire for a looser, fuller curl, but I have come to the realization these coils are equally beautiful and so much fun! Don’t let hair envy have you in your feelings. All of us aren’t going to have silky curls or beach waves. Be proud of your hair! Don’t let someone else’s beauty standards define what is beautiful to you. Keep rocking those radiant coils! Confidence is key!

My Hair type is healthy 

Determining your curl type is a severe point of contention for many naturals. And understandably so, it can be had to figure out! I’ve got news for you. Knowing your curl type isn’t necessary to manage and care for your curls successfully. There is far more helpful information that you should concern yourself with. Health is the goal, and achieving it is more beneficial than knowing your curl type could ever be. So, throw out your old way of thinking, learn the characteristics of your curls, get intentional about care, and be consistent. Doing this enables you to establish and maintain the health of your hair regardless of the type.

Length means nothing if your hair is not healthy

We’ve all done it – sacrificed the health of our curls for length. Let’s not keep doing this. The health of your hair reigns supreme.  Get trims and do it consistently. Your curls will be healthier, styles last longer, and the application of products will get easier. So, Make yourself an appointment with a curly stylist, and get them ends in order—no sense holding on to dead (literally) weight. While you may miss the length for a season, the beauty of committing to proper maintenance and care is your hair will grow back.

Water, water, and more water!

There is a lot of confusion around hydration, moisture, and how to achieve healthy hydrated curls. Some would have you believe that the answer is anything but water. That is not the case. Cultivating healthy hydrated strands relies heavily on water, clean curls, intentional care, and consistency. If this is not already a part of your hair care routine, I would recommend adding it.

Natural hair care is a lot of things, but it should never, complicated, stressful, overwhelming, or overly time-consuming. If you need help identifying best practices for caring for your curls, visit Bold Kulture Beauty and get the tools you need to comfortably and confidently master natural hair care.

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