longevity in your hairstyles

Simple Steps For Longevity In Your Hairstyles

How long does your hairstyle last?

This straightforward question has managed to create a small level of anxiety for many naturals providing the answer. Naturally, we want our styles to last. For many, the level of time we spend creating a style does not equal the amount of time we spend enjoying it.

If you find yourself stressing over creating longevity in your hairstyles, have you taken the time to evaluate the techniques and tools you’re using to produce it? Today, we’re taking some of the guesswork out of creating styles that last and reviewing simple steps to increase longevity in your hairstyles.

Let’s be real

Before jumping right in, let’s be honest with ourselves. Some of us are struggling to achieve healthy hair. Healthy hair should always be the foundation for any hairstyle. When our hair is truly healthy, it will yield the best results. To learn more about simple ways to maximize the health of our hair, click here.

As your hair improves in health, your hair’s manageability and performance will improve as well. Healthy hair = desired results. If you are struggling with the health of your hair, you must first address the underlying issues before you can achieve longevity in your hairstyles.

Making it work

The next time you aim for longevity in your hairstyle, consider the following things

Work on clean hair

Product build-up is your hair’s enemy in several ways. One way is that it prevents your hair’s maximal response to a styler.  When build-up is present, your curls will be less defined, and your styles will not last. Working on a clean canvas allows the products to work more effectively and increases the chance for longevity in your hairstyle.

Choose the right styler

Designed to serve different purposes, stylers will have varying levels of hold and work differently depending on the climate. Choosing the right styler requires that you take into account factors like climate, lifestyle, and your desired style.  Knowing what products to select and how to use them is very beneficial. Products such as raw oils and butters are not stylers and will typically hinder the effectiveness of the products designed to increase longevity in your hairstyle.

Set your styles

There is some debate over whether or not using heat to dry your styles is harmful. Having surveyed all the options of finishing your style, I can assure you that using some form of heat to set your hairstyles carries little risk. The upside of using heat to set your styles is expedited drying time, less shrinkage, reduced frizz, and longevity of your style. If nothing else, it beats having to walk around all day with wet hair.

Embrace functional frizz

As your style ages, you can expect some frizz to appear. Over time, your hair will lose moisture, and even the best-executed styles will welcome frizz. You should not expect frizz to appear immediately, but functional frizz will gradually occur as the moisture levels in your hair decrease. Embrace it for the beauty, volume, and life it creates. Let go of the idea of continually needing perfection in your hairstyles and enjoy your style as it evolves.

Find what works for you

If mid-week wash days is your thang, by all means, do you! Only you know what will work for your schedule and lifestyle. Having a style that lasts seven days is great, but no rule says this has to be your reality. The great news is, theses simple steps apply to styling in general. How long your style lasts, and when you hit the reset button is up to you.

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